Additionally to Kesäpesä, Artjärvi as well as its surroundings also offer a lot to explore, experience and to enjoy, regardless of age or activity preferences. In our activity section you can find a collection of interesting sights, destinations and events in and around Artjärvi that will provide you with unforgettable experiences and unique moments during your holidays.

Have a pleasant holiday!

Activities right on the spot
Kesäpesä is situated in beautiful surroundings and the surrounding nature offers a lot to do:

  • Fishing – a rowing boat with safety jackets is available
  • Cycling – Bicycles can be rented for and you can find brochures about different tours in the Kesäpesä-folder in the main house
  • Hiking – use the Nature Trail (2 km) or walk to the Observatory (6.5 km)
  • Horseback riding – distance to the stables 9 km
  • Berry or mushroom picking  – depending on the season the surrounding woods provide various berries and mushrooms
  • Swimming –  do so directly on your private seaside or at one of the public beaches
  • Special boat trips are offered on request

You can find more information regarding activities in the area and the villages and cities in our selection below or you can have a look in the Kesäpesä-folder when you arrive in Kesäpesä.

Activities in the surroundings

Location Activities
Location In order to support your holiday planning, you can find in this area a selection of possible activities by the location (town/city). Activities Here you can find a selection of possible activities nearby sorted by topic.


Fishing license
In case you are interested in fishing, please keep in mind that only regular fishing from lakeshore and ice fishing is allowed without a license. For all other kinds of fishing a license is required. The licenses can be purchased online. For more information visit:


If you would like to have a look at the weather forecast in advance you can find more information about the weather in Artjärvi here.